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When was the last time you picked up a pen? Legal certificates, love letters, professional notes of thanks – these all deserve to be written by hand and signed with a flourish. Fortunately we understand that there’s something timeless about refined writing instruments.

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Idéeal Lamps Light the Way

September 04, 2015

When it comes to beautiful and functional interior pieces fashioned from concrete, we have become accustomed to leading the way. Now, we’re lighting the way as well with an innovative line of industrial chic fixtures - Idéeal Ceiling lamps and Idéeal Table lamps created by Concrete Home Design.  We were honored to feature the lamps in the pressroom at the prestigious Maison&Objet Americas show in Miami Beach. The spotlight these lamps have received is not surprising given their elegant, timeless design flawlessly executed in an unexpected and truly resilient medium. “Concrete is an amazing material,” designer Clement Terreng explains. “It can be hard like a stone yet appear fragile like porcelain. As we began to work with it, we quickly...

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The Romance of Timeless Style – Now on Sale!

September 01, 2015

Few things evoke a sense of timeless elegance like the flame of a candle. There’s something so personal and intimate about a candle’s glow in an age that is lit 24/7 by the intense glare of electronic gadgets and harsh artificial lights. Yet all too often, people fear that candles look out of place in modern homes. That’s because most candleholders are gaudy, old-fashioned affairs that haven’t caught up with the clean look of timeless design. Fortunately for our customers – they now have. Netherlands-based designer Doreen Westphal has brought her passion for creating timeless object that are socio-economically fair, innovative in design and future-ready in appearance to candleholders. Choose from the simply elegant Candle Holder 1 designed to support...

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