• Doreen Westphal's Enlightened Designs

    Doreen Westphal's Enlightened Designs

  • The Corvi Wine Cooler
  • Kast-Concrete-Knobs

    Welcome Kast Concrete Knobs to IntoConcrete! - Handmade in the US

  • Shaving Kit by Iris Hantverk - Designed by Lovisa Wattman - Handmade in Sweden

    Shaving Kit by Iris Hantverk - Designed by Lovisa Wattman - Handmade in Sweden

  • The Fourth Dimension Collection by 22 Design Studio

    Time Pieces - The Fourth Dimension Collection by 22 Design Studio

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 Elemental. Elegant. Enduring.

 Concrete is comprised of the most basic elements, yet when crafted by the skill and imagination of talented designers and artists, its simple elegance is unsurpassed. We are continually scouting the design capitals of the world to offer this spectacular collection of the finest creations... IntoConcrete.

 Just like our artists’ work, our collection is always evolving, so please visit often!

Recent Articles

Toasting the Corvi Wine Cooler
September 09, 2014

We’ve been both honored and humbled by the reception that our latest introduction – the Corvi Wine Cooler – has received in the media, and it just keeps getting better! It seems the cooler’s beautiful combination of contemporary style and...

Spice Up Your Cabinets with Kast Concrete Knobs
August 06, 2014

Looking for a small touch that will have a large impact on your kitchen or bath? Then IntoConcrete’s newest introduction was custom made for you! Beautiful, handmade concrete drawer knobs by Kast Concrete Knobs add the perfect touch to your...

Doreen Westphal's Enlightened Designs
July 11, 2014

There is a rhythm to exquisite design. Doreen Westphal understands this concept perfectly. The Netherlands-based designer views herself not just as a designer, but as the conductor of her products' entire production process. Doreen believes that every piece should be...

Brush Up Your Bath Décor
June 26, 2014

Make a clean sweep in your home’s décor with refined pieces from Iris Hantverk. The legendary Stockholm staple known for its striking handcrafted brushes traces its roots back to 1902. That was when a group of visually impaired artisans banded...