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When was the last time you picked up a pen? Legal certificates, love letters, professional notes of thanks – these all deserve to be written by hand and signed with a flourish. Fortunately we understand that there’s something timeless about refined writing instruments.

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A Study in Contrasts

June 23, 2015

Concrete lamps capture the imagination in a way few other fixtures can match. They are a true study in contrasts, artfully combining the fluidity of light with the unexpected solidity of concrete.   After all, concrete is supposed to be a material that nothing can penetrate. An impermeable medium unaffected by the elements that surround it and beloved for its strength. In that sense, light is its polar opposite, casting a warm glow on everything it touches, making its way through the tiniest of crevices to enlighten a dark world.   It takes a true artist to combine these disparate elements into a beautiful and cohesive whole. Yet when they do, the results are simply astonishing.   Witness the beauty...

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The Lost Art of Penmanship

June 13, 2015

When was the last time you picked up a pen? Perhaps it was just a few moments ago, but all too often in our daily lives, many of us are going for far too long without putting pen to paper.  Just think about it. We text instead of jotting a note. We keep grocery lists in our smartphones instead of on notepads. We send eCards for birthdays. We shoot out instant emails instead of taking the time to write a letter. While we’ve undoubtedly gained convenience and immediacy with electronic communication, it can be argued that we’ve lost some of the romance associated with old-fashioned writing. Important matters, after all, should have a certain gravitas, a sense of permanence that...

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