Don’t be bland – make a strong stylistic stand with new collection of timeless concrete wearables. This new collection is certain to bring some gravitas to your wardrobe. 

We launched our new collection with the 4th Dimension Watch from 22 Design Studio. The unique three-dimensional shape of this distinctive watch features time spiraling outward to create the look of a new dimension of time – the 4th dimension. This wrist-sized version of its two big brothers, the 4th Dimension Clock and 4th Dimension Desk Clock, is certain to attract attention. What further sets these quality timepieces apart is their state-of-the art production; they are the benchmark for demonstrating just how thin and detailed concrete can be.

The 4th Dimension Watch offers impeccable styling while pushing aesthetic boundaries in three beautiful variations. The classic Original Edition combines the authentic concrete base with a brushed stainless steel bezel, untreated brass hands and crown, and a naturally tanned leather band. Every detail of the wristwatch highlights the original beauty of the materials and is a natural fit for the casual wearer.

The bold Midnight Model plays with a daring color combination by matching the brass hands and crown and tanned leather band of the Original Model with a black concrete watch surface. This model is also equipped with a DLC (diamond like coating) black plated bezel and was designed for trendsetters who embrace bold self-expression.

The more formal Urban Edition combines a dark gray concrete watch surface with a brushed stainless steel bezel, silver and blue hands, a polished brass crown, and a black leather band. This color combination exudes a subtle sophistication that elegantly complements formal wear.

No matter which edition you choose, you are certain to make a timeless statement about your style with this distinctive timepiece.

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