Introducing Komolab

Release Date
December 2, 2019
Kyle Comeaux

Komolab is a design and production studio focused on creating functional beauty. Obsessed with form and craft, they aim to fashion uniquely satisfying goods for the contemporary space and lifestyle. With humble beginnings in a garage circa 2015, Komolab incorporates concrete into their material palette.

Some words from its founder and dedicated designer…

Design is like an ongoing experiment. It’s never really finished. And what you’re really doing is trying to create an emotional connection with people through the way that inanimate materials are shaped and fitted together. That’s a fascinating phenomenon. I went to school for architecture, so, naturally, I’m inspired by it. When I’m trying to assemble an idea for a new object piece, I often find myself gravitating to architecture projects and interiors. That’s the backdrop. The way that something is perceived is always in relation to its context.  For me personally, what I’m pursuing is useful art. -Kyle Comeaux

The range of products includes a sleek stool that can be used as a stationary seat and that also makes for a wonderful accent table to compleiment your living interior. Incense burners inspired by simple geometries, planters and soap dishes, complete the product line-up, along with a beautifull appetizer tray to present the food elegantly and keep the complimentary component fresh into the concrete bowl.

Obsessed with form and craft, they combine the most beautiful touch of concrete with the natural touch of wood, using white oak, maple and walnut.

All images ©  Komolab

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