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Hui Bathroom Accessories

HUI Bathroom accesories
Carl MH Barenbrug

Storing bathroom products can get ugly, even for minimalists. Although the best solution to maintaining a minimalist bathroom is to simply limit the number of products we use, we can make the items we do own a little easier on the eye.

Enter BENTU, an independent product design brand founded in 2011. BENTU is an experimental, explorative, and cross-over team, who make products that meet their daily needs. Through a series of experiments and exploration, they make each material return to its nature by revealing its original texture.

The bathroom accessories collection—Hui—is a design comprised entirely of concrete and includes a tissue box, toilet brush, cotton swab holder, tray, toothbrush and toothpaste holder, soap dish, and a soap dispenser. Individually, these are practical designs, but collectively, they are absolutely beautiful, and would undoubtedly add aesthetic value to any bathroom.

Originally by Minimalissimo
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