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Front view of Andrea Ponti's Kanban concrete side table

The Kanban Concrete Side Table is a Minimalist Beauty

Designed by Andrea Ponti

The Kanban concrete side table is a uniquely modern take on a traditional piece of home decor. The base of the table is a semi-cylindrical concrete form that widens in the middle and then tapers towards the top. It has a slit going around the top portion that allows a metal band to fit snuggly in place. A slightly offset steel rod connects the band to an elevated steel table. When viewed from an angle, this feature creates an unexpected contrast between the dense nature of concrete and the airy void. It even gives the impression that the steel table is floating.

A Tribute to Minimalism

Top section view of the Kanban concrete side table by Andrea Ponti

The contrasting colors of neutral concrete and charcoal steel give the table a minimalist pictorial quality: they create a chiaroscuro – an effect of contrasting light and dark.

Andrea Ponti
The Kanban concrete side table by Andrea Ponti in front of a wooden wall

The dark circular table has a matte finish and smooth concave edges that complement the base’s rounded concrete sides. A subtle minimalist vibe is created by the contrast between the dark-colored steel and the light concrete. The color combination allows the table to blend comfortably into its current space while still maintaining its unique aesthetic.

Close view of the steel table of the Kanban concrete side table with a glass of water on top

Andrea Ponti is a Prolific Industrial Designer

The designer of the Kanban concrete side table, Andrea Ponti, is a multi-award-winning industrial designer based out of Hong Kong. Some of his distinguished awards include being the winner of the Red Dot Design Awards, iF Design Awards, and the Good Design Awards. He has over 14 years of experience in international design, and his portfolio consists of work with global companies such as Samsonite, Philips, and Panasonic. Ponti has been captivated by Japanese design and aesthetics ever since he was a researcher at Kyushu University in Japan. This passion has even led him to collaborate with some of Japan’s finest design masters including Junzo Yamashita, Chiaki Murata, and Toshiyuki Kita.

Very close view of the Kanban concrete side table's rounded edges

Ponti lived in Japan for seven years after graduating from the Politecnico of Milan with a degree in Product Design. In 2013 he moved to Hong Kong and founded his distinguished design firm, Ponti Design Studio, together with the Japanese design consultant Shiori Kuroiwa. The studio focuses on combining “technological excellence with emotional design language” to create high-end products. The appearance of Hong Kong’s historic industrial buildings inspired the design of the Kanban concrete side table. Once old multi-story factories, these buildings were later remodeled into warehouses and usable office spaces. The slim metal rod that supports the table resembles the old neon signs that hang in the busy streets of Kowloon. Ponti aimed to capture the essence of Hong Kong as a cosmopolitan intersection between the east and west.

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