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Concrete Audio B1 Bookshelf Speaker

Concrete Audio Speakers Offer Impressive Performance

Concrete is a building material as old as the Roman Empire, but recently it is being used in new and cutting-edge applications. One company is taking audio experiences to the extreme with the help of concrete. Concrete Audio is a company based out of Germany that creates hand-crafted concrete loudspeakers. Their mission is to provide an authentic and rich experience to the listener.

Concrete Audio Bookshelf Speaker B1 in a living room

Perceive instruments naturally, to feel every nu­ance. The breath of the singer. The sound of a string on the fingerboard.

Concrete Audio
Concrete Audio OnWall Speaker F1 on a concrete wall

The company has three main speakers in its lineup: OnWall Speaker F1, Floorstander N1, and Bookshelf Speaker B1. Each concrete speaker is designed with different purposes and placements in mind. With its painting-like aesthetic, the F1 is perfect for any modern living space wall. On the other hand, the monolithic N1 provides unrestrained performance and the absolute best sound quality. The B1 is ideal is if you want something in between.

Concrete Audio Floorstander N1 concrete speakers in a wood room

There is a method to their madness. Vibration is one of the essential characteristics of a speaker when it comes to determining its overall performance. Significant shaking can affect specific frequencies produced by speakers that can then harm their sound production. Speakers that suffer from vibration produce distorted sounds and unnatural music. Concrete is the perfect material for reducing vibrations due to three characteristics: it is dense, has an irregular structure, and is highly formable. A unique single-pouring process allows Concrete Audio to further improve upon these three characteristics.

Close view of Concrete Audio Floorstander N1 concrete speaker

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