Is it Time for an Office Makeover?

All too often, offices are viewed as sterile spaces where we work and not as areas suited to personal expression. Yet when you consider how many hours a week you actually spend sitting at your desk, doesn’t it make sense to invest in functional and beautiful accessories that make you smile? The Merge Collection

We believe that you should have always be surrounded by beautiful things no matter where you may find yourself. With that in mind, we’ve added several striking new products from 22 Design Studio to our Office Collection. The Merge Collection elevates simple desk accessories to works of modern art – all without sacrificing function.

Take the Merge Card Holder. The back is a solid cross-section of a cylinder, while the semi-hollowed cross-section in front creates ample space to hold your business cards, writing tools, or even prop your cell phone for those impromptu FaceTime calls.

The Merge Tape Dispenser takes the concept of sculptural art one step further in an everyday office necessity. The piece combines three basic geometric shapes: a large hexahedron serves as the weighted base, a slender rectangular prism holds the cutting blade and a cylinder acts as the tape holder.

Rounding out the collection, the Merge Pen Holder combines a pen holder, a platform and a clip holder in one compact yet elegant footprint. The result is a blissfully uncluttered workspace that still provides easy access to daily work necessities.

On their own or combined with any of our other striking office pieces, the Merge Collection is certain to make a statement in your office. (And it makes an ideal gift for Dad or your favorite Graduate as well!)


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