Doreen Westphal's Enlightened Designs

There is a rhythm to exquisite design. Doreen Westphal understands this concept perfectly. The Netherlands-based designer views herself not just as a designer, but as the conductor of her products' entire production process.

Doreen believes that every piece should be a carefully orchestrated combination of both a front-end – what consumers see and feel – and a back-end, which encompasses the way the product has been made, the people who have created it, the materials it is crafted from, and the place from which they originated. It is only by paying equal attention to both parts that the true beauty and utility of a piece is revealed.

This unique passion for both design and manufacture leads Doreen to create timeless pieces that simultaneously borrow from the past yet feature future-ready innovations. To bring her visions to life, she collaborates with leading international material developers and skilled craftspeople through Mensch Made, the studio she established, which is situated in the center of Eindhoven/ The Netherlands.

IntoConcrete is privileged to offer our clients the Mensch Made collection from Doreen Westphal's creative mind. Offerings range from the timeless simplicity of elegant candle plates to the future-ready flexibility of the magno tube lamp. For home or office, these pieces artfully demonstrate what happens when creativity meets respect for people and planet.

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