Spice Up Your Cabinets with Kast Concrete Knobs

Looking for a small touch that will have a large impact on your kitchen or bath? Then IntoConcrete’s newest introduction was custom made for you! Beautiful, handmade concrete drawer knobs by Kast Concrete Knobs add the perfect touch to your décor.

Quirky. Sophisticated. Trendy. Whatever statement you want to convey about your personal taste, you’re certain to find a style that suits you among the pieces created by Kast Concrete Knobs’ founder Grey Hensey. From the simple elegance of Joan to the delicate detailing of Florence and the bold geometric styling of Bonnie, each handcrafted piece is an individual work of art. The natural idiosyncrasies of the medium mean that every piece is always unique, with slight variations in texture and color that add a bespoke touch to your home. The knobs are an environmentally sound choice as well, with each pair containing up to 10% recycled materials and sealed with an eco-friendly sealer that is food, kitchen and bath safe.

Yet the most intriguing part of the knobs might just be the story of the designer behind them. Grey Hensey began working with sand casting while he was a student at Auburn University. Required to use the technique for a school project, he immediately fell in love with concrete as a material and began exploring the abilities and pushing the boundaries of the medium.

During a subsequent internship, Grey was inspired to pursue his future passion by the president of the company he was working for, who saw concrete knobs as an entirely unique product niche that Grey’s talent and vision could easily capture. After several years of developing his skills in mass-market furniture design, Grey left his job and decided to follow his yearning to create products that he could believe in. The result of that journey is his company, Kast Concrete Knobs. “Kast Concrete Knobs has become my obsession and creative outlet,” he maintains.

Grey relocated to Cleveland, Ohio, part of America’s iconic iron belt, to pursue his passion and to place his own influence on the industry. “I guess you could say this is my true motivation; to contribute to the world by the strength of my own hands and my own ambition,” he says.

To see Grey’s intriguing collection of Kast Concrete Knobs, visit IntoConcrete.com. X

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February 20, 2015

So cool! We actually have done this and it was my huasbnd’s idea. We found out you can attach them to the wall with what’s called a dummy plate but we couldn’t find dummy plates for anything cheaper than like $8-$10 each and it’s just a simple screw like thing. So we found double ended screws at the hardware store and we glued one end of the screw in the doorknob with epoxy and the knobs work fabulous! We hang our preschooler’s bookbags and our jackets and my heavy diaperbag on them.

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