Get the Concept!

Right now, it’s only a notion, but I think I can get the money to make it into a concept
- Woody Allen

 That amusing but insightful quote from none other than Woody Allen strikes surprisingly close to the heart of new product development. When the talented artists and designers we work with at are inspired to create a new design, it may begin with a notion – a wish or a desire to create something completely innovative, elegant and useful.

Yet a piece’s journey from the designer’s mind to your front door takes effort, time and patience, and that’s where our concept products enter the picture. If you’ve perused our social media sites lately, you’ve doubtless seen some breathtaking new ideas called Concept Products from the IntoConcrete Lab. Just what are these? These begin as notions that have originated in our designers’ fertile minds in response to a need. We then work with the designers to cull the ones they love and invest the resources needed to turn them into concepts.


Concrete Trivet Version 1

The pieces we feature on are not mass produced; they are painstakingly crafted by artisans. One of the hallmarks of this very modern medium of concrete is that it takes an old-fashioned element to produce – time. The process of creating something from concrete cannot be rushed. The material takes time to mature in carefully crafted molds. While the intrinsic properties of concrete mean that each piece is unique, molds must be created to ensure that standards are met, fabrication processes must be put in place, and materials must be tested to guarantee quality. That process takes time and resources, with molds easily costing into the thousands of U.S. dollars to create. For that reason, we begin each product in our lab, carefully fashioning prototypes, testing viability and ensuring that the finished piece will meet our exceptionally high standards.

Form there, we test further by checking with our most discerning clients – which means you! As we develop our concept products, we place them on our social media sites, where we weigh your feedback, your likes and your comments, to determine which of our notions moves out of the concept phase into reality. You play a vital role and we appreciate you. Please join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+ and Behance and let us know which concepts you’d like to see arriving on your doorstep.

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