Love is Complex - Saving is Simple!

What better way is there to express the strength, solidity and style of your love than with a Valentine’s Day gift made of concrete? Take care of his sensitive face with a stylish Iris Hantverk shaving kit. Toast your love with your favorite vintage served in our Corvi Wine Cooler. Choose a gift that expresses your care and shows your good taste with any of our myriad offerings.

How better to demonstrate our love for you, our valued clients, than with a Countdown to Valentine’s Day sale? It’s simple – the sooner you shop, the more you save. The number of days remaining before Valentine’s Day equals the percent you save. Shop 14 days before, take 14 percent off your gift. Wait 5 days before to place your order, earn 5 percent off, etc. Just enter the daily code found our Valentine’s Day Countdown sale page to save.

Best of all, every client always receives IntoConcrete’s signature concierge service – now made even better with free gift wrapping through Valentine’s Day. Simply place your order online or over the phone and we’ll take care of all the details.

Have questions? Need additional options? Call us today at +1 (224) 677-0009.



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