Industrial is Chic!

If you are gearing up to find today’s most popular interior design trends, you need not look any further than Industrial Chic. This masculine style sees beauty in aged utilitarian basics and is right at home in upscale residences and executive offices.

Need a visual? Imagine an old factory. Picture massive rust-covered gears churning in the background while tasks are completed by workers on well-used wooden worktables above worn concrete floors. There’s something viscerally appealing about this early era of industrialization before computer-run conveyors, robotic workers and plastic, disposable products. That back-to-basics nostalgia is fueling the desire for furnishings and accessories that elevate these simple, functional items – gears, industrial spools, matte-finished metals, and concrete - into works of beauty and artistry.

What’s more, Industrial Chic fits in with almost any décor. It marries materials popular in modern design – concrete and metal – with rustic elements like natural wood and worn finishes. You can embrace the style completely in a loft or add just a few elements like industrial pendant lights to an otherwise traditional kitchen to update its look.

Many of the pieces we feature on IntoConcrete blend beautifully with this style, from the exposed bulb and copper tubing of our Magno Tube Lamp to the simplicity of the Big Bullet Lamp or a simple update like the Joan Concrete Knobs. Bring one or more home today and add a dash of Industrial Chic to your residence.

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