The Lost Art of Penmanship

When was the last time you picked up a pen? Perhaps it was just a few moments ago, but all too often in our daily lives, many of us are going for far too long without putting pen to paper. 

Just think about it. We text instead of jotting a note. We keep grocery lists in our smartphones instead of on notepads. We send eCards for birthdays. We shoot out instant emails instead of taking the time to write a letter. While we’ve undoubtedly gained convenience and immediacy with electronic communication, it can be argued that we’ve lost some of the romance associated with old-fashioned writing.

Important matters, after all, should have a certain gravitas, a sense of permanence that only ink can provide. Legal certificates, love letters, professional notes of thanks – these all deserve to be written by hand and signed with a flourish.

Ideas on the other hand should be sketched out, with parts erased and then redrawn as plans evolve. Life’s ever-changing designs beg the subtly of being thoughtfully and painstakingly crafted in graphite.

Fortunately at IntoConcrete, we understand that there’s something timeless about refined writing instruments that capture the essence of the written word. Our elegant concrete rollerball pen conveys a sense of depth. Our concrete sketch pencil lends unprecedented substance to your ideas, while our mechanical pencil is a sleeker version ideally suited for the office. All three creations by 22 Design Studio capture the elegance and timeless power of the written word in a surprisingly modern medium.


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