A Study in Contrasts

Concrete lamps capture the imagination in a way few other fixtures can match. They are a true study in contrasts, artfully combining the fluidity of light with the unexpected solidity of concrete.


After all, concrete is supposed to be a material that nothing can penetrate. An impermeable medium unaffected by the elements that surround it and beloved for its strength. In that sense, light is its polar opposite, casting a warm glow on everything it touches, making its way through the tiniest of crevices to enlighten a dark world.


It takes a true artist to combine these disparate elements into a beautiful and cohesive whole. Yet when they do, the results are simply astonishing.


Witness the beauty of our IdéeAL Ceiling Lamp and Idéeal Table Lamp from Concrete Home Design. The handmade lamps that draw inspiration from turn-of-the-century lanterns are an expression of the designer’s vision to push the boundaries of the medium. Through our collaboration with Specimen Editions, we are showcasing Cement Wood Lamps that represent a balanced marriage of the smoothness of wood and the rough texture of concrete. The Bullet Collection Lamps we feature from Studio Itai Bar-On and Tel-Aviv based designer Oded Webman celebrates the natural qualities of concrete and its vast production possibilities.


All three showcase the unique qualities of concrete as an artistic medium, highlighting the advanced techniques used to artfully shape this natural material into surprisingly delicate forms.


So when it comes times to update your lighting, consider fixtures that do more than illuminate your space; look for works that let you see your world in a whole new light.

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