Cutting Edge Awards

Concrete – inside your house??? When we first broached the idea of creating and selling beautiful high-end concrete products for home, office and bath, some folks raised a skeptical eyebrow. But after seeing how this once-basic material was sweeping upscale international audiences, we knew we were on to something special.

Now, designer Francisco Corvi is taking concrete home products to a whole new level by participating in Innovar 2015, Argentina’s National Innovation Competition with our Corvi Wine Cooler.

This annual contest honors the finest examples of innovation and technology in Argentina, so it’s not surprising that the groundbreaking Corvi Wine Cooler is among the nominees. Its eco-friendly use of a renewable resource, unexpected application of a unique medium, and clean lines and timeless style inherent in high-end design have made the Corvi Wine Cooler a winner in our eyes for quite some time.

We wish Fran the best of luck as he moves through this prestigious competition in October. In the meantime, you can bring some international style home today by ordering a Corvi Wine Cooler for yourself!

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