Rack ’em Up!

One Corvi Wine Cooler is fun, but more are even better! 

We are thrilled to release a package sure to top every wine aficionado’s wish list: Our Corvi Wine Cooler Rack.

Since we first released this striking piece designed by Francisco Corvi for IntoConrete, our CWC has received international praise as a sophisticated way to serve favorite vintages. The cooler’s mass helps it keep wine at optimal temperature, so one can linger over a bottle without feeling rushed.

Yet from the beginning, our Corvi Wine Cooler was never meant to be enjoyed alone. Individual coolers are carefully crafted from concrete and can be stacked in an infinite array of designs to create your own personalized wine cellar.

Our Corvi Wine Cooler Rack package gives you 6 CWCs at a substantial savings – just $419 - allowing you to create a unique and sophisticated display of your favorite vintages. Then, when the mood strikes, simply remove one CWC from your tasteful display and put it to even better use! Cheers!

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