A Lamp With Gravitas

We must confess: We’re all aglow over the latest introduction to our Lighting Collection – the Brick Lamp from HsinChun Wang Design. 

We love this minimal and portable LED lamp that was designed to capture the very moment that light is either concealed and revealed. What makes the Brick Lamp so unique is that there is no switch: the light is turned on when it is raised and turned off when it is laid flat.                      

The absence of a switch allows for a sleek and streamlined design – and it also makes it fun! This unique design would turns the most mundane routine – flipping a switch – into an enriching experience, providing an unexpected flair to a daily function.

Best of all, The Brick Lamp is battery operated, which means there are no cords to spoil the aesthetics. Its LED panel light and built-in lithium-ion battery are recharged through its USB charging port. This makes it an ideal choice for space-strapped college students, apartment dwellers, and anyone seeking to streamline their living accessories.

Unlike a typical brick, however, this one is easy to grip. Side facets create a natural handle and also direct the light when the brick sits on its sides.

The concrete version of the lamp that we are proud to offer on IntoConcrete.com is made from a special mixture of cement and fine grain sands and cast in a high-quality rubber mold to create a super fine and smooth finish.

Take a look at The Brick Lamp today; and then let it spotlight the fun side of your discerning taste.

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