KOMOLAB appetizer tray with sushi rolls - concrete and wood

The Timeless Craftsmanship of KOMOLAB

KOMOLAB is a Louisiana based design and fabrication studio focused on creating functional beauty through its wood and concrete creations. Obsessed with form and craft, founder Kyle Comeaux aims to fashion uniquely satisfying goods for a contemporary space and lifestyle.

Founder Kyle Comeaux in his Luisiana, US ShopFounder Kyle Comeaux in his Louisiana, US Shop

A Legacy of Craftsmanship:

Founded on the principles of precision and passion, KOMOLAB boasts a legacy of craftsmanship spanning generations. Rooted in the heart of the USA, every KOMOLAB creation echoes time-honored traditions of American artistry, combined with avant-garde ingenuity.

Appetizer Tray

The Art of Concrete:

KOMOLAB’s mastery shines brightest in its concrete designs. From minimalist furniture pieces to functional art installations, each creation tells a unique story of form and function. The use of concrete as a medium allows KOMOLAB to craft visually striking, durable pieces embodying modern design.

Sustainability at its Core:

Beyond the allure of its designs, KOMOLAB champions sustainability. Every piece is crafted with eco-conscious materials and processes, ensuring beauty without environmental compromise. The brand’s commitment to sustainable practices resonates with those valuing both artistry and ethical responsibility.

Elysian Incense Burner

Innovative Fusion:

What sets KOMOLAB apart is its ability to fuse innovation with tradition seamlessly. Each creation embodies the brand's relentless pursuit of pushing design boundaries. By marrying classic craftsmanship with contemporary concepts, KOMOLAB consistently delivers pieces redefining spaces and captivating the senses.

Elysian Incense Burner

Experience the KOMOLAB Difference:

At intoconcrete.com, we proudly showcase KOMOLAB’s exceptional designs. Each piece narrates a story of creativity, dedication, and profound love for the craft. By incorporating KOMOLAB into your spaces, you invest in a legacy of artistry transforming your home or office into a design masterpiece.

KOMOLAB’s timeless craftsmanship, innovative spirit, and dedication to sustainability make it an icon in the world of interior design. Explore our curated collection of KOMOLAB creations on intoconcrete.com and infuse your space with the elegance and sophistication that only KOMOLAB can deliver.

Elevate your space. Embrace KOMOLAB.