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Designed by London-based studio Shiro, ‘Uluru’ is a collection of modular seating elements that form a continuous, sculptural micro-landscape. Made of ultra high performance concrete, the series is minimal yet fun – in public spaces benches can become an improvised playground, allowing children to explore different seating postures. UHPC, ‘Uluru’ is... Read More
Beirut-based designer Najla El Zein’s first solo exhibition at Friedman Benda, New York, is titled ‘Transition’, and is the amalgamation of three series’ together: ‘Distortion’, ‘Fragmented Pillar’ and ‘Seduction’. The design objects in each are the embodiment of El Zein’s journey of transitory experience and self-discovery: the “experience as a woman, as... Read More
Concrete Canvas is essentially concrete cloth on a roll – a revolutionary material offering endless design possibilities. Amongst those exploring such possibilities is Portland-based artist Neal Aronowitz, who has used the material to craft his ‘Concrete Canvas’ furniture collection. The collection consists of four tables, entitled the ‘Whorl Table,’ ‘Whorl Console’,... Read More
The Arc table is the latest addition to a range of products designed by Foster + Partners for Molteni & C, Milan. Drawing inspiration from tensile fabric structures, its form is generated by software developed to create flowing architectural designs. The sculptural base is a single sweeping form anchored by... Read More