En Concreto is a collection of narrowed objects, exploring the materiality of concrete and its cultural reference to modern architecture. Inspired by the architectural style “béton brut”, the sculptures are cast in different textures and geometries, featuring ridged towers and smooth curved surfaces. Liliana Ovalle used disposable cups and buckets to create... Read More
Boston-based experimental firm Matter Design Studio’s ‘Walking Assembly’ is a series of seemingly weightless concrete sculptures that can be rolled and moved by hand, fitting together like a jigsaw puzzle. ‘Walking Assembly’ draws inspiration from megalithic architecture and the astonishing fact that in ancient eras, humans could move 900-kilogram slabs on... Read More
Storing bathroom products can get ugly, even for minimalists. Although the best solution to maintaining a minimalist bathroom is to simply limit the number of products we use, we can make the items we do own a little easier on the eye. Enter BENTU, an independent product design brand founded in... Read More
22 Studio Merge Desktop Stationary Set
22 design studio‘s portfolio of products is largely defined by the use of concrete and steel, as evidenced in their 4th dimension table clock, contour sketch pencil, contour mechanical pencil and contour concrete rollerball pen. the taipei-based studio now expands their homeware collection with the ‘merge desktop stationery set’ – a family of workspace objects comprised... Read More
Brazilian brand Noori aims to transport users to a time when “cooking with fire was at the core of our rituals” with its multipurpose stove, which can be used as a barbecue, a pizza oven or a fire pit. The Noori stove comprises a curved body made from heat-resistant refractory concrete that is split into... Read More
The word concrete brings to mind adjectives like solid, modern and timeless. Now, thanks to Chicago-based art, design and innovation studio IntoConcrete, it evokes a new modifier – spicy! IntoConcrete, which has garnered international attention for its groundbreaking Corvi Wine Cooler, premiered its latest addition, U-Spice, in its booth at the prestigious... Read More
Inspired by the simplicity of stone, argentinian designer Francisco Corvi  has created a concrete wine cooler. The Corvi Wine Cooler is an elegant option for those searching for a sophisticated way to store their favorite vintage. Inspired by the simplicity of stone, the cooler’s clean, sharp planes offer a refined interpretation of... Read More
Komolab is a design and production studio focused on creating functional beauty. Obsessed with form and craft, they aim to fashion uniquely satisfying goods for the contemporary space and lifestyle. With humble beginnings in a garage circa 2015, Komolab incorporates concrete into their material palette. Some words from its founder and dedicated... Read More
“At 22STUDIO, we break the mold. From our studio in Taipei, a city made of concrete and steel, we redefine these materials with our designs to create bold and unique products”. 22STUDIO re-envisions concrete and steel’s uses and repurpose their image of strength and boldness to create a product line... Read More
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