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concrete lamp
Honest materials – concrete and brass – are transformed into a lamp of beauty by Stockholm-based designer Jonas Wagell. Inspired by traditional oil lamps, he brings these materials together into a design that is both raw and delicate. It has been noted that JWDA Concrete Lamp fits perfectly into any... Read More
Concrete corvi wine cooler being held by a person
Have a seat on a concrete bench for some quiet reflection Planer Concrete Bench by Brandon Gore Wear some concrete around your neck Orbis Concrete & Stainless Necklace by Konzuk Combine some concrete with a bit of nature PALMA Planters by Rainer Mutsch for Eternit Or combine it with fire Social Series by Sticks and Stones... Read More
The work of French artist Morgane Tschiember challenges our perception of shape and form. Her series ‘Open Space’ is a collection of angular light sculptures that contrast fluorescent light tubing with simple concrete forms. The three-dimensional sculptures comprise of different shapes of concrete, which when illuminated by the white light tubes, create... Read More
En Concreto is a collection of narrowed objects, exploring the materiality of concrete and its cultural reference to modern architecture. Inspired by the architectural style “béton brut”, the sculptures are cast in different textures and geometries, featuring ridged towers and smooth curved surfaces. Liliana Ovalle used disposable cups and buckets to create... Read More
Storing bathroom products can get ugly, even for minimalists. Although the best solution to maintaining a minimalist bathroom is to simply limit the number of products we use, we can make the items we do own a little easier on the eye. Enter BENTU, an independent product design brand founded in... Read More
The word concrete brings to mind adjectives like solid, modern and timeless. Now, thanks to Chicago-based art, design and innovation studio IntoConcrete, it evokes a new modifier – spicy! IntoConcrete, which has garnered international attention for its groundbreaking Corvi Wine Cooler, premiered its latest addition, U-Spice, in its booth at the prestigious... Read More
Komolab is a design and production studio focused on creating functional beauty. Obsessed with form and craft, they aim to fashion uniquely satisfying goods for the contemporary space and lifestyle. With humble beginnings in a garage circa 2015, Komolab incorporates concrete into their material palette. Some words from its founder and dedicated... Read More