Concrete Writing Tools Utilizing the weight and strength of concrete along with a design that is contoured for your hand, 22‘s pen and sketch pencil are the perfect writing tools. While maintaining their strength and form over years of use, the tools become darker and their rigid edges smoother as... Read More
“At 22STUDIO, we break the mold. From our studio in Taipei, a city made of concrete and steel, we redefine these materials with our designs to create bold and unique products”. 22STUDIO re-envisions concrete and steel’s uses and repurpose their image of strength and boldness to create a product line... Read More
Don’t be bland – make a strong stylistic stand with new collection of timeless concrete wearables. This new collection is certain to bring some gravitas to your wardrobe.  We launched our new collection with the 4th Dimension Watch from 22 Design Studio. The unique three-dimensional shape of this distinctive watch features time spiraling... Read More
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