IdéeAL Ceiling Lamp

  • The IdéeAL Ceiling Lamp feature a timeless design flawlessly executed in a surprising material. The handmade lamps that draw inspiration from turn-of-the-century lanterns are an expression of Concrete Home Design’s vision of making concrete beautiful by pushing the boundaries of the material’s possible forms, colors and structures. Collaboration Concrete Home Design - Hamburg (Germany).
    Design Clement Terreng

    Material Soft Concrete
    Light Gray / Dark Gray / Blue Gray

    Electrical Standard version max. 220 V / 50 Hz. Only a suitable lamp for the GU10 socket may be used. Light bulb LED G10 iluminants included. Power 6 W max.

    Lead Time 1-2  weeks

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  • Inches & Pounds
    Diam: 7.0,  H 12.0 inches  / 5.5 lbs 

    Centimeters & Grams
    Diam: 17.8, H 30.5 cm / 2.5 kg

  • Calculated at Checkout

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