Grid Lamp - Ceiling

  • The grid concrete pendant lamp was inspired by a virtual object’s wireframe and the moment when a system of flat lines appear as a three-dimensional image.
    The grid texture outlines the classic, architectural shape and the fine exterior surface treatment. The interior is a different story - emphasizing the rough qualities of a handmade concrete casting and creating a contrast between inside and out, light and dark.
    Design Itai Bar-On & Oded Webman

    Material Soft Concrete

    Light bulb GX53 10W X1

    Lead Time 4 weeks

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    Featured on contemporist


  • Inches & Pounds
    Diam: 7.9,  H 7 inches  / 5.5 lbs 

    Centimeters & Grams
    Diam: 20, H 18 cm / 2.5 kg

  • Calculated at Checkout

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