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Meet the Designers & Makers

Concrete is a material that requires extraordinary attention to detail and craftsmanship

Francisco Corvi Portrait

Every toy I had as a child was disassembled and assembled again using other things. This curiosity was my first design influence. The desire to explore new ideas and push the boundaries of materials results in distinctive creations featuring beautiful, functional elements that are aesthetically and structurally built to withstand the test of time.

Francisco Corvi

Lead INTOCONCREtE Designer

My shapes are often inspired by nature. With all my objects, I set a high value on clear structures and a creative idea that is as simple as possible yet consistently implemented in every detail at the same time.

Mikaela Dörfel

Intoconcrete Co-Founder and Design Manager

The city houses us, moves us and protects us, largely by the use of concrete and steel. At 22STUDIO, the city also inspires us. We re-envision concrete and steel’s uses and repurpose their image of strength and boldness to create a product line that includes timepieces, writing tools and jewelry. Every stage of design and production is done by our hands at our studio to bring you innovative and forward-thinking creations that are as resolute and uncompromising as the materials from which they are made.

Sean Yu & Yiting Cheng

22STUDIO HEad Designers

Portrait of KOMOLAB Founder Kyle Comeaux

Design is like an ongoing experiment. It’s never really finished. And what you’re really doing is trying to create an emotional connection with people through the way that inanimate materials are shaped and fitted together. That’s a fascinating phenomenon. I went to school for architecture, so, naturally, I’m inspired by it. When I’m trying to assemble an idea for a new object piece, I often find myself gravitating to architecture projects and interiors. That’s the backdrop. The way that something is perceived is always in relation to its context. For me personally, what I’m pursuing is useful art.

Kyle Comeaux

KOMOLAB Founder & Designer