Why Concrete

Concrete is more than just a building material.

Elemental. Elegant. Enduring.

We aren’t building bridges or cinder blocks. We’re building on an idea. Born from a mixture of cement and aggregate, yet totally unique in form and function. 

At IntoConcrete we are creating a global movement, of a small, but growing community of concrete artisans and designers. We invite you to explore and share in our collaborative spirit of passion and knowledge for exceptionally crafted, premium, stylish concrete products. 

Join us on our journey as we feature transformational designs in concrete and celebrate their untold stories.

Artisan With Weathered Hands Holding An Intricate Concrete Watch Dial

Reinterpreting Concrete

A Different Take on Civilization's Foundation

The Bean In Downtown Chicago

A Father-Son Idea

Born in a Proverbial Chicago Basement

Inspired by the architectural beauty of the city of Chicago along with their passion for Scandinavian design, the father-son duo Mario and Roberto Guagnelli decided to make their concrete dreams a reality.

Our Story


A Unique Artistic Medium

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