Side Profile Of A Gray Tube Thin Concrete Ring by 22STUDIO
22STUDIO Tube Thin Concrete Ring Being Worn By A Hand
A Light Gray Concrete Tube Thin Ring By 22STUDIO On A Marble Table
Front View Of A Minimal Concrete Ring
Side Profile Of A Dark Gray Tube Thin Concrete Ring by 22STUDIO
A Hand Wearing A Minimal Concrete Ring
A Dark Gray Concrete Tube Thin Ring By 22STUDIO On A Marble Table
Front View Of A Minimal Dark Gray Concrete Ring
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Tube Ring THIN

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The slender and understated profile of the Tube Ring THIN speaks for itself. Handcrafted by 22STUDIO, its comfortable fit and simplicity make this ring a perfect companion for everyday use. The concrete surface will age and develop a unique personality as its texture and tones form to each person. 

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Made to order. Ships directly from designer.


Each concrete piece is unique; bubbles and small imperfections are part of the piece’s singularity and character. Concrete is a live material. Your piece will age and change over time with exposure to air and with wear, just as concrete does in monuments and buildings. Learn more.


Each piece of jewelry is individually handcrafted, so there might be a slight variation in color and texture. With time, the concrete may develop darker hues due to moisture and air. To ensure the durability and quality of your jewelry, try to keep it dry because if it comes in contact with liquids or moisture the piece may become weaker and more susceptible to damage.

Each ring is made to order by 22STUDIO and shipped directly from their studio in Taiwan.

All Countries - DHL Worldwide Shipping - $25 USD Flat Rate

Country of Origin: Taiwan

Materials: High-Density Concrete, 316L Stainless Steel

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Handmade in Taiwan

Breaking the Mold

Reimagining concrete from the ground up. 22STUDIO's artistic creations are as resolute and uncompromising as the materials from which they are made.

Taipei, Taiwan

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