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Concrete is

Our mission is to gather the largest community of concrete lovers.

We are really into concrete. At IntoConcrete, we celebrate concrete as a contemporary lifestyle material. Our goal is to highlight that concrete isn’t just an old building material, but a modern and chic one. We are dedicated to bringing together the best concrete products, designers, and makers from around the world into one place.   

Join us as we bring concrete into the future

Our Story

The Origins of IntoConcrete

IntoConcrete started as a father-son idea in a suburban Chicago basement. Deeply inspired by modern Scandinavian design, Mario and Roberto decided that they wanted to manufacture handmade concrete products in the US.

They partnered with the Argentinian designer Francisco Corvi, and together, they created IntoConcrete’s first flagship product: the Corvi Wine Cooler. With the addition of german designer Mikaela Dorfel and others, the IntoConcrete family quickly grew into a worldwide company.

The IntoConcrete Corvi Wine Cooler with a bottle

Why Concrete

It would be an understatement to say that concrete has a long history. The first examples of humans using concrete can be traced back to 6500 BC. Over millennia, concrete has helped human civilizations build incredible structures, from the great pyramids to the hoover dam. Fast forward to today, and concrete has unfortunately become associated with cracked roads and brittle cinder blocks. However, this is far from the capabilities of modern concrete. 


With new manufacturing techniques, concrete can now take the form of delicate, intricate shapes. The texture can be modified to suit different design tastes, from a traditional rough surface to a smooth porcelain-like finish. Concrete is raw but also refined. No other material boasts the same unique and organic feel and texture. At IntoConcrete, we want to do justice to this elemental, elegant, and enduring material by bringing the best concrete products, designers, and makers into one space.