Is the concrete you use just regular concrete?
Only part of it. We use special blends and additives to improve our material’s design and usability characteristics.

Are concrete pieces heavy or fragile?
Many people are surprised by how light many of our concrete pieces are; still substantial pieces like our U-Stool do have some weight behind them. Be aware that concrete works can chip if they impact a hard surface. Treat them with the caution you would use with glass in similar circumstances.

How do I clean my concrete pieces?
Each piece is different, so follow the proper cleaning instructions included with each piece. In general, you may use mild soap and water only and remove excess moisture with a dry, lintfree towel.

Are concrete products suitable for outdoor use?
Yes, with the exception of our Cement Wood lamps and IdéeAl lamps, all of our products can be used outdoors.

Will I have to pay taxes or import fees?
The customer is responsible for paying any custom charges or taxes that are applied to the shipment. Customs is solely responsible for determining what these taxes and fees will be (if any), and IntoConcrete is not made aware of these fees beforehand. IntoConcrete has no control over and is not responsible for any actions taken by either customs or the selected shipping service.