Mikaela Dörfel  Germany

“My shapes are often inspired by nature. With all my objects, I set a high value on clear structures and a creative idea that is as simple as possible yet consistently implemented in every detail at the same time.” As a result, her work is identified by its high demands on a precise, formal language. Together with exceptional functionality, these characteristics ensure outstanding design longevity.

Francisco Corvi  Argentina

“Every toy I had as a child was disassembled and assembled again using other things. This curiosity was my first design influence.“ This desire to explore new ideas and push the boundaries of materials results in distinctive creations featuring beautiful, functional elements that are aesthetically and structurally built to withstand the test of time.


Decha Archjananun  Thailand

“We seek to blur the boundaries between East and West, craft and industry, with a uniqueness of form.”
By paring objects down to their basic functions, he is able to execute elegant studies in minimalism utilizing surprising materials that re-envision the essence of form into breathtaking new shapes that allow for personal expression.


Clement Terreng  France

“We make concrete beautiful. This requires a well-founded knowledge of how concrete  works and how to shape it as I desire.” His understanding of shape and design includes a logical usage of materials that explores natural properties. This use is synonymous with a fluent and well-proportioned design. Following essential rules of construction and proportions leads to a harmonious whole.

22 Design Studio Thailand

“At 22, we break the mold…We re-envision concrete and steel's uses and repurpose their image of strength and boldness to create a product line that includes timepieces, writing tools and jewelry. Every stage of design and production is done by our hands at our studio to bring you innovative and forward-thinking creations that are as resolute and uncompromising as the materials from which they are made.”

Itai Bar-On Israel
In his creative conceptual work, Itai Bar-On was successful in his attempt to tame and refine the rough and impersonal material we all know from its functional mundane use, and bring it around to create a new, luxurious material which accepts so many shapes, forms and textures. The result – objects with a feel of lightness and movement, which contrast and defy the preconceptions of heavy weight material.


Lovisa Wattman

Lovisa Wattman Sweden
Lovisa is a trained industrial designer educated at the Swedish Academy of Arts and Crafts in Stockholm and at the Aarhus Architectural School in Denmark who launched her own company in 1999. Lovisa has brought her own passion for creating breathtaking products to our collection.