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In 2005, Sean Yu and his wife Yiting Cheng founded 22STUDIO to create minimalist products for sophisticated city-dwellers and awaken imaginations through the power of concrete design. For 22STUDIO, concrete is an attitude: direct, honest, and open. Their passionate team attends each piece from concept to production in a spirit of genuine craftsmanship. Inspired by urban architecture, they strive to master its materials, texture, and style.



Travis and Haley Seera invented the FLÎKR Fire from the desire for a simple, safe, indoor fireplace that could operate on clean-burning, inexpensive, and readily available fuel. Their design is inspired by the Japanese Wabi-sabi aesthetic—bringing natural textures into the home while accepting flaws. The result is an innovative and stylish piece that lets you enjoy the warmth of a fireplace anywhere in your home.



Born in Argentina, Francisco Corvi is an industrial designer who credits curiosity to be at the core of what influences his design. He is our first partner designer, and we worked with him for over two years to create a product aesthetically and structurally built to withstand the test of time: the Corvi Wine Cooler. His lifelong fascination with innovation results in distinctive creations featuring beautiful, functional elements.

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Founded in 1870, Iris Hantverk began in Sweden as a collaboration between visually impaired artisans who lived across the country. Today, their vision is to make functional products with Swedish design combined with high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship.



Komolab is a Louisiana based design and fabrication studio focused on creating functional beauty through its wood and concrete creations. Obsessed with form and craft, founder Kyle Comeaux aims to fashion uniquely satisfying goods for a contemporary space and lifestyle.

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KONZUK founder, Karen Konzuk, aspires to create jewelry regarded as wearable architecture and objects designed beautifully to last. KONZUK has become an award-winning, internationally recognized modern line of handcrafted jewelry and objects for the contemporary design lover.

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Daniel Lakos, the founder of Logideez, is an architect by profession and a professor. His love for architectural designs led him on a mission to create his award-winning product: Logifaces. "We would like to see beautiful, one of a kind architectural concepts in stores more often, especially in the world of games, where it's rare to see a toy that also reflects on contemporary design." - Daniel Lakos

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MDC is a group of friends who share the same ideals of creating design pieces that inspire others. They are passionate about the experimentation of shapes, textures, and tones that this stone-like material gives them. MDC likes the concept that concrete reacts differently depending on its environment and purpose of use, making each piece different and unique.

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Based in Mumbai, India, Material Immaterial Studio was founded by Nitin Barchha & Disney Davis with the idea of working with the bare beauty of raw materials. They take a minimalist approach to their designs, but with a unique touch of whimsicalness. From the magnificent "The Factory" to the intricate "SPACES Homes", their products are a wonder to behold.



Growing up in a post-communist country, Morf founders Nina & Nemanja were deeply exposed to the remnants of socialist modernism. Both industrial designers by profession and with a passion for practical aesthetics, they decided to channel this impactful part of their lives into contemporary fashion. Their architecturally inspired jewelry pieces are minimal, sculptural works of art.



Oaken Lab is an Indonesia based scent, grooming, and body care brand aiming to improve the daily ritual with products inspired by the road less traveled. This mantra led them to partner with Conture Concrete Lab, an Indonesia-based concrete design studio, to explore how they could infuse concrete into their current product line.

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Pretti.Cool was founded by a group of 90's kids who wanted an excuse to collaborate on making products that are both practical and fun. They are terrazzo concrete experts and make everything in small batches by hand in Houston, Texas. Their unique terrazzo mix results in beautifully unique textures.

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Port Living Co. has been featured in major publications including Dwell, Elle Decor, The Food Network, Details, Boston Magazine, Boston Globe, and the New York Times. Minimalist, elegant, and distinctive, Port Living Co. wares will enhance any kitchen or home with elevated classic essentials.



TORTUGA Living partners with world-class designers, such as Farrah Sit from Light + Ladder, to create timeless, flexible, and modular home goods. They have been featured in major publications such as Architectural Digest, Sight Unseen, and Design Milk.


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At IntoConcrete, we are continually looking for new designers, artisans, and studios to add to our growing collection. We are always exploring and pushing to find new and innovative products to bring you the best of concrete design from around the world.

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