A Mineral Gray Ballpoint Pen by 22STUDIO Handcrafted out of Concrete
Person Holding a Modern Concrete Ballpoint Pen
A Dark Gray Ballpoint Pen by 22STUDIO Made From Concrete
22STUDIO Contour Ballpoint Pen In White Concrete
A Mineral Gray Concrete Pen by 22STUDIO  in its Packaging
Person Holding a Blue Notebook and Concrete Ballpoint Pen
Detailed View of Two Ends of a Concrete and Metal Pen
Contour Ballpoint Pen Resting on its Box
CNC Metal Button and Clip on a Modern Concrete Pen by 22STUDIO
Person Lifting the Metal Clip on a Contour Ballpoint Pen
Man Taking Out a Concrete Ballpoint Pen from His Pocket

Contour Ballpoint Pen

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A timeless addition to any pen collection, the handcrafted Contour Ballpoint Pen by 22STUDIO is designed to complement a sophisticated modern style. The contoured concrete surface has a set of intricate ridges that, when combined with the concrete's heft, create a uniquely weighted and comfortable feel.

Each pen adapts over time as the concrete develops different tones and textures that are unique to each user. The stainless steel clip gives the pen a practical touch so that it can be carried around and used on important occasions. Taking this writing instrument out is guaranteed to make a statement.
Each concrete piece is unique; bubbles and small imperfections are part of the piece’s singularity and character. Concrete is a live material. Your piece will age and change over time with exposure to air and with wear, just as concrete does in monuments and buildings. Learn more.

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Country of Origin: Taiwan

Materials: High-Density Concrete, Stainless Steel

Length: 142mm

Diameter: 13.5mm

Weight: 40g

Notes: Supplied with Black Ink, SCHMIDT P900M refill

Handmade in Taiwan

Breaking The Mold

Re-imaging concrete from the ground up. 22STUDIO's artistic creations are as resolute and uncompromising as the materials from which they are made. 

Inspired By
Urban Architecture

Capturing the urban spirit through the essence of its landscape and materials.

Sean Yu & Yiting Cheng

Meet The Founders


With Care

The group of master artisans at 22STUDIO have an unrelenting dedication towards their craft.

Taipei, Taiwan

A City Of Concrete And Steel

Meet The Designers

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