Discus Earrings

  • The discus earrings are so light they can be worn everyday. The concrete discs are suspended on silver hoops for ease of wear. Each piece is hand finished and unique. Please email info@intoconcrete.com for details.

    We use a new generation of concrete for our jewelry called ultra high performance concrete which has the compressive strength of 150 Mpa. Over 20 times stronger than traditional concrete. We offer a lifetime warranty, if the concrete were to chip or break at anytime, we will replace it.
    Design Karen Konzuk

    Made in the U.S.
    Material Concrete + Stainless Steel

  • Inches & Pounds
    0.98 x 0.09 in
    0.59 x 0.09 in


    Milimeters & Grams
    25 x 2.5 mm
    15 x 2.5 mm


  • Calculated at Checkout

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