Iris Hantverk Concrete Small Bowl

  • Boasting the same gentle curves and rich textural elements as Iris Hantverk’s large bowl, this compact vessel is the ideal size for a more intimate space.
    Design Lovisa Wattman

    Handmade in Sweden
    Color Gray
    Material Soft Concrete

    Lead Time 1-2 weeks

    Contemporary Design Meets Sustainability


  • Inches & Pounds
    Diam: 3.7 H: 1.2 inches / 0.30 lb 

    Centimeters & Grams Diam: 9.5 H: 3.0 cm / 138 gr

  • Standard Flat Shipping Rates (in USD)

    USA $6.50 free shipping for orders over $75!
    Canada $15

    Rest of the world $40

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