Signature Circular Necklace

  • The most popular concrete and stainless pendants, these statement pieces finish any outfit to perfection. Please email for details.

    We use a new generation of concrete for our jewelry called ultra high performance concrete which has the compressive strength of 150 Mpa. Over 20 times stronger than traditional concrete. We offer a lifetime warranty on these rings, if the concrete were to chip or break at anytime, we will replace it.

    Design Karen Konzuk

    Made in the U.S.

    Material Concrete + Stainless Steel

  • Inches & Pounds
    1.29 x 0.19 in
    0.98 x 0.19 in
    0.55 x 0.19 in


    Milimeters & Grams
    33 x 5 mm
    25 x 5 mm
    14 x 5 mm


  • Standard Flat Shipping Rates (in USD)

    USA $6.50 free shipping for orders over $75!
    Canada $15

    Rest of the world $40

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