Why Concrete?

Why Concrete?

It’s no secret that concrete is chic! In the design capitals of the world – cities like Stockholm, Amsterdam, Berlin, London, and Tokyo – this once humble medium is finding itself on the cutting edge of modern style. But, you may ask, why? It’s quite simple really. Few other materials present such a perfect paradox in an elegant package.

When you envision contemporary style, images of sleek lines and solid structures probably come to mind. Think of the elegant, spare lines of modern skyscrapers that reach to the heavens comprised of nothing but steel, glass – and concrete.

At the other end of the design spectrum sits the rustic and organic – those earthy raw materials that represent the very essence of creativity. While the ingredients may vary depending on its composition, at its heart, concrete is a mixture of these very basic and natural materials – limestone, shell, chalk, shale, clay, silicon, stones, sand and water.

It is this rare mix of the primitive and the modern that gives concrete such a unique place in design – and our hearts. Because of its natural composition, each batch of concrete is unique; the color is varied, the texture is different. Even within the same batch of material, the air bubbles intrinsic to the medium give each piece an individual look. These idiosyncrasies are on vivid display when the piece is broken free from its mold. Moreover, unlike the mass-produced commercial products we see everywhere around us, concrete works are carefully cast in an age-old process that simply can’t be rushed.

Yet there is nothing old-fashioned about concrete. The material itself seems to demand minimalistic simplicity in design. Form that follows function. Beauty that is revealed in clean, elegant style. It takes a keen eye to see that intrinsic artistry. To embrace its simple sophistication. To bring the products and designs we love into your own home or office so that they become a part of your own life and your own unique style.