January 02, 2017


Cheers to YOU!

2016 has been a fabulous year at IntoConcrete – thanks to  wonderful clients, supporters and friends like you! We’ve added the work of amazing new designers, groundbreaking new lines and innovative pieces to our collections. We’ve received acclaim from the international press, partnered with outstanding corporate clients, and reached even more discerning individuals around the globe.

Yet none of this would be possible without YOU! As we look ahead to the exciting innovations we can’t wait to reveal in 2017, we wanted to take a moment to say a sincere thank you for allowing us to bring our visions of functional beauty to life, and for finding a place for them in your home.

May your 2017 be filled with joy and beauty!

--> Mario and the entire team at IntoConcrete

December 15, 2016


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Corvi Wine Cooler


August 04, 2016


A Lamp With Gravitas

We must confess: We’re all aglow over the latest introduction to our Lighting Collection – the Brick Lamp from HsinChun Wang Design. 

We love this minimal and portable LED lamp that was designed to capture the very moment that light is either concealed and revealed. What makes the Brick Lamp so unique is that there is no switch: the light is turned on when it is raised and turned off when it is laid flat.                      

The absence of a switch allows for a sleek and streamlined design – and it also makes it fun! This unique design would turns the most mundane routine – flipping a switch – into an enriching experience, providing an unexpected flair to a daily function.

Best of all, The Brick Lamp is battery operated, which means there are no cords to spoil the aesthetics. Its LED panel light and built-in lithium-ion battery are recharged through its USB charging port. This makes it an ideal choice for space-strapped college students, apartment dwellers, and anyone seeking to streamline their living accessories.

Unlike a typical brick, however, this one is easy to grip. Side facets create a natural handle and also direct the light when the brick sits on its sides.

The concrete version of the lamp that we are proud to offer on IntoConcrete.com is made from a special mixture of cement and fine grain sands and cast in a high-quality rubber mold to create a super fine and smooth finish.

Take a look at The Brick Lamp today; and then let it spotlight the fun side of your discerning taste.

July 08, 2016


It’s Time Your Style Made a Statement

Don't be bland - make a strong stylistic stand withMidnight new collection of timeless concrete wearables. This new collection is certain to bring some gravitas to your wardrobe. 

We launched our new collection with the 4th Dimension Watch from 22 Design Studio. The unique three-dimensional shape of this distinctive watch features time spiraling outward to create the look of a new dimension of time - the 4th dimension. This wrist-sized version of its two big brothers, the 4th Dimension Clock and 4th Dimension Desk Clock, is certain to attract attention. What further sets these quality timepieces apart is their state-of-the art production; they are the benchmark for demonstrating just how thin and detailed concrete can be.

The 4th Dimension Watch offers impeccable styling while pushing aesthetic boundaries in three beautiful variations. The classic Original Edition combines the authentic concrete base with a brushed stainless steel bezel, untreated brass hands and crown, and a naturally tanned leather band. Every detail of the wristwatch highlights the original beauty of the materials and is a natural fit for the casual wearer.

The bold Midnight Model plays with a daring color combination by matching the brass hands and crown and tanned leather band of the Original Model with a black concrete watch surface. This model is also equipped with a DLC (diamond like coating) black plated bezel and was designed for trendsetters who embrace bold self-expression.

The more formal Urban Edition combines a dark gray concrete watch surface with a brushed stainless steel bezel, silver and blue hands, a polished brass crown, and a black leather band. This color combination exudes a subtle sophistication that elegantly complements formal wear.

No matter which edition you choose, you are certain to make a timeless statement about your style with this distinctive timepiece.

June 02, 2016


Be Dad’s Favorite!

Want to win the ultimate sibling rivalry competition? May we suggest ditching the typical tie and giving dad – or your recent college graduate – a gift that they really want this year! 

You can help dad clean up his act with our Iris Hantverk Shaving Kit. Add a touch of Scandinavian style and Swedish craftsmanship to his daily routine with this sophisticated kit that comes complete with a curving concrete container, a badger hair and beech brush, and a bar of handmade cedar wood soap.

Speaking of sophisticated, why not kick dad’s office up notch with The Merge Collection? The Merge Tape Dispenser, Merge Cardholder and Merge Penholder elevate functional office necessities into works of sleek sculptural art. Browse our other distinctive Office Collection offerings that range from classic pens with a modern twist to clocks that explore the aesthetic boundaries of time and dimensional space.

But all work and no play definitely makes dads and grads dull. Don’t neglect to toast their achievements with their favorite vintage – served at the perfect temperature thanks to our Corvi Wine Cooler or Corvi Champagne Cooler. If your dad desires a compact, customized wine cellar – or if you want to start your graduate off on the right foot in his or her new space – consider our Corvi Wine Cooler Rack. Mix or match any 6 of our CWCs to create your own unique package.

Best of all, we’re giving YOU a gift for being so thoughtful. From now through June 25, we’re offering free standard shipping* to orders of any amount delivered to the continental U.S. when you enter the code Gift2You at checkout. So don’t delay – make a lasting impression today!


*Promotion does not include delivery surcharges. Promotion valid in the U.S. only. Promotion does not apply to Alaska or Hawaii. Previous purchases are not included. Offer cannot be combined with any other coupons or discounts.

May 20, 2016


Is it Time for an Office Makeover?

All too often, offices are viewed as sterile spaces where we work and not as areas suited to personal expression. Yet when you consider how many hours a week you actually spend sitting at your desk, doesn’t it make sense to invest in functional and beautiful accessories that make you smile? The Merge Collection

We believe that you should have always be surrounded by beautiful things no matter where you may find yourself. With that in mind, we’ve added several striking new products from 22 Design Studio to our Office Collection. The Merge Collection elevates simple desk accessories to works of modern art – all without sacrificing function.

Take the Merge Card Holder. The back is a solid cross-section of a cylinder, while the semi-hollowed cross-section in front creates ample space to hold your business cards, writing tools, or even prop your cell phone for those impromptu FaceTime calls.

The Merge Tape Dispenser takes the concept of sculptural art one step further in an everyday office necessity. The piece combines three basic geometric shapes: a large hexahedron serves as the weighted base, a slender rectangular prism holds the cutting blade and a cylinder acts as the tape holder.

Rounding out the collection, the Merge Pen Holder combines a pen holder, a platform and a clip holder in one compact yet elegant footprint. The result is a blissfully uncluttered workspace that still provides easy access to daily work necessities.

On their own or combined with any of our other striking office pieces, the Merge Collection is certain to make a statement in your office. (And it makes an ideal gift for Dad or your favorite Graduate as well!)


March 03, 2016


Rack ’em Up!

One Corvi Wine Cooler is fun, but more are even better! 

We are thrilled to release a package sure to top every wine aficionado’s wish list: Our Corvi Wine Cooler Rack.

Since we first released this striking piece designed by Francisco Corvi for IntoConrete, our CWC has received international praise as a sophisticated way to serve favorite vintages. The cooler’s mass helps it keep wine at optimal temperature, so one can linger over a bottle without feeling rushed.

Yet from the beginning, our Corvi Wine Cooler was never meant to be enjoyed alone. Individual coolers are carefully crafted from concrete and can be stacked in an infinite array of designs to create your own personalized wine cellar.

Our Corvi Wine Cooler Rack package gives you 6 CWCs at a substantial savings – just $419 - allowing you to create a unique and sophisticated display of your favorite vintages. Then, when the mood strikes, simply remove one CWC from your tasteful display and put it to even better use! Cheers!

January 07, 2016


Resolve to Live Beautifully

Every January, the New Year’s Resolutions seem to pile up. We promise ourselves that we will be much healthier, wealthier and wiser in the coming year than ever before. While these are well-intentioned and worthy resolutions, we suggest something far simpler – resolving to live beautifully.

When you surround yourself with beautiful things, you simply feel better. For the designers and artisans of IntoConcrete, the simple sophistication and enduring style of concrete accessories nurtures our creativity and revives our spirits.

Whether you select a whimsical kitchen vessel like our Seesaw Tall Bowl, a beautiful accessory to add glamour to your daily routine like our Iris Hantverk Shaving Kit, or set the stage for a dramatic home with our IdéeAL Ceiling Lamp, we are certain you’ll find beautiful inspiration in our varied and ever-growing collections. Visit IntoConcrete.com today and resolve to bring more beauty into your life and home in the coming year.

October 08, 2015


Cutting Edge Awards

Concrete – inside your house??? When we first broached the idea of creating and selling beautiful high-end concrete products for home, office and bath, some folks raised a skeptical eyebrow. But after seeing how this once-basic material was sweeping upscale international audiences, we knew we were on to something special.

Now, designer Francisco Corvi is taking concrete home products to a whole new level by participating in Innovar 2015, Argentina’s National Innovation Competition with our Corvi Wine Cooler.

This annual contest honors the finest examples of innovation and technology in Argentina, so it’s not surprising that the groundbreaking Corvi Wine Cooler is among the nominees. Its eco-friendly use of a renewable resource, unexpected application of a unique medium, and clean lines and timeless style inherent in high-end design have made the Corvi Wine Cooler a winner in our eyes for quite some time.

We wish Fran the best of luck as he moves through this prestigious competition in October. In the meantime, you can bring some international style home today by ordering a Corvi Wine Cooler for yourself!

September 10, 2015


Modern Design Meets Artisan Craftsmanship

IntoConcrete began as a father-son idea quite literally in a proverbial Chicago basement. It has matured from its U.S. roots into an influential global startup composed of a mixture of innovative minds that stretches across four continents.

What unites us all is a passion for creating and selling the finest works of modern concrete design.

At its most basic, concrete is a simple medium, a mix of earthy raw materials, yet, it can be shaped into the most innovative of modern designs, one singular piece at a time. Form that follows function. Beauty that is revealed in clean, elegant style. Embracing simple sophistication.

At IntoConcrete, we design, create and sell our own striking works using unique technologies from 3d printing to state of the art concrete molding to create lightweight, resilient and high performance pieces.

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